Spirals and Ladder Polymer Clay Necklace

November 12, 2010

Laura Appelman Polymer Clay Jewelry: Pistachio and Green Spirals and Ladders



February 6, 2009
Pastel on Cavas   36" x 48"

Pastel on Canvas 36" x 48"

“We Lived”

May 4, 2007


My current collection of work, titled “We Lived,” takes its inspiration from old sepia photos, mostly from the early 20’s through the late 30’s, England and America. Recreated with pastel paint, mostly on paper or canvas, are long-dead or never-known members of my extended family, their friends and intriguing strangers. With the help of the enlargement function of a computer scanner, miniature, faded photos suddenly and magically reveal their nuanced, previously hidden, truth to me: a lost generation of complicated people—their lives, charming amusements, secrets, pretensions, fears and disappointments. Once seen in their larger format, they beckon to me, insisting on a reinfusion of life, but this time in “living color.” Filtered through the prism of my own eye and emotions, I deliver them, as surreal pastel paintings, into the next century.

Not to be forgotten again, they declare: “We Lived!”